Save the date for the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies

Data evenimentului: 
10 Iunie 2016 - 12 Iunie 2016

Save the date for the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies

10-11 June 2016,

Ovidius University from Constanța, ROMANIA


2016 edition theme:

Interdisciplinarity and creativity in the knowledge society


Conference homepage:

Organized by:

 Ovidius University from Constanța, Romanian General Engineering Association (AGIR),  Romanian Society of Engineering Graphics(SORGING), PACES Association

Under the patronage of:

Romanian Academy: Romanian Technical Sciences Academy (ASTR), Romanian Scientists Academy (AOSR), Romanian Committee for Science and Technics History and Philosophy.

General Objectives:

  • To get an in-depth view of the solutions that provide the skills the knowledge society needs.
  • To reveal the social need for creative thinking and innovation; to investigate the role creative thinking plays in producing new integrative knowledge.
  • To expose the social impact of the transition to the knowledge society.
  • To promote new and emerging research topics and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • To summarize experience about how interdisciplinary research is carried out,
  • To investigate the demand for interdisciplinary research and research skills and how academics can forge interdisciplinary careers, whether the right structures are in place to support interdisciplinarity across the research and higher education system.
  • To encourage a shift of perception regarding narrow specializations.


  1. Academia, researchers, policy makers in education and research.
  2. Young specialists and students.
  3. Public

Expected input: Interdisciplinary approaches regarding the applied science and technology in health and natural sciences, arts and crafts. Interdisciplinary viewpoints on technical progress in a knowledge society, issued with the support of economical, social sciences, history and phylosophy of science and technology.

The conference welcomes manuscripts and presentations including original interdisciplinary research, case descriptions and methods, and encourages submission of data reports.

Expected outcomes:

Experts networking, reports useful for the policy makers on the impact of interdisciplinary skills  on social development, regarded in the regional context.

Publication and dissemination of the most significant contributions to this knowledge, and to explore solutions for sustainable development in the region.


  • Advanced/smart technologies for a new knowledge society. Applications and contributions for and from all fields of science, technology and arts.
  • Science, Technology and Society: impact, trends and expectations. Lessons learnt from the hystory of science and technology.
  • Creative Collaboration through Supportive Technologies.  Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as a Supportive Technologies, as the key to ensure the road to Knowledge Society.
  • The new knowledge/ wisdom worker paradigm. How to increase the employability.
  • Interferences and complementarity in science, art and crafts. Understanding and integrating the liberal arts and sciences.

·         Education for creativity- demolishing the boundaries between academic disciplines. Student-driven educational experience, for a thorough grounding in the arts, science, technology, engineering,  mathematics, media, culture, and business issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. (Individual Programs of Study and Collaborative Learning Projects concepts).


First call: 15 February

Full paper in electronic format for review: 10th April

Review results sent to authors: 5th May

Formated, camera-ready full paper in electronic format: 20 May


Address: Ovidius University from Constanța, Romania, Bd. Mamaia 124,  900527

Fax: +40241618372


Ovidius University - Prof. Valentina Pomazan, Ph.D. (Filiala CRIFST - Constanta)

AGIR - Eng. Nicolae